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With the titular industry background, Simply Solar & Storage specialises in the design and installation of grid-connected solar systems for residential and commercial properties.

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Our Goals

As one of the fastest growing solar companies in Australia, Simply Solar & Storage strong beliefs lies in providing homes and businesses with a renewable energy solution & quality solar energy systems. We are proud to say we save our valued customers money on energy bills while working towards a cleaner environment.

As Simply Solar & Storage, we aim to assist our customers with finding the best system to suit their individual needs and make the most out of their investment in solar.

Saving you money on your energy bills while working towards a cleaner environment

Our Services


We help Australians understand their personal potential savings by investing in solar energy, assisting in informed decision making through financial analysis and a personalised system design.


Whether your commercial premise is large or small, we assist in combating power expenditure and minimalising company carbon footprint with designs built specifically for your usage and energy needs.


For those circumstances where power is required at peak price times, we can design you a storage solution allowing you to store and consume your personally generated power at a time that is convenient for you.

Our Expertise


In order to assess suitability for solar, a thorough roof inspection is required. This includes roof size, tilt, and material type. A proper design is paramount to an effective solar system.


Our team of expert Project Managers & Installers will ensure a prompt and hassle-free installation of your solar system. A well executed installation keeps your system in it's optimum condition all year round.


Our service doesn’t end when your system is installed. Timely servicing and maintenance guarantees you get the most out of your investment in solar. Book an appointment with us when your system is due, we will be happily at your door.

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